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Don’t Miss the Moment

December 31, 2018

Luke 2:38
​Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.

Recently, our team was  discussing some missed opportunities. We had experienced multiple disappointments in a rather short period of time, moments when we had a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. However, in these particular instances, it wasn’t something we could do on our own; it would require the help of others. To our surprise and disappointment, we didn’t get the help we were hoping to receive.

Honestly, my initial thoughts were not good ones. However, as I continued to pray about it, I began to see that the Lord was teaching me something through this. The words from the Holy Spirit that came to my heart were, “Don’t miss the moment.” In a world where we are continually making room for more things, we must also make time for more individual moments.

Until now I hadn’t given much thought to “moments” as they pertained to the Bible, but as I did, verse after verse began to come to mind. The centurion’s servant was healed at that “moment” (Matthew 8:13). The woman who had been bleeding was healed in a “moment” (Matthew 9:22). When Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus for the first time, Anna came up to them at that very “moment” and gave thanks to God“ (Luke 2:38).

I was reminded I must not get so caught up in the mission or the meeting that I miss the moment. God changes things in a moment! He heals and redeems hearts in a moment, and I need to be looking for moments! Through it all, there was the realization that I not only need to treasure my time but I also need to make time for what is treasured.

Father, thank you for taking the time to know us. Jesus, thank you for making time to to die for us. Help to become more like you. Help us to see moments and to never miss an opportunity that would bring glory and honor to your name. It’s in your mighty name, Jesus, we pray. Amen!

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